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The Good Ride by Jim Murray The Allegory

Over the past year I have been reporting updates at the club meetings on the progress of my windscreen removal/frame re-chrome/glass replacement and my carburetor rebuild efforts on my ’58 TR-3A. So far, the windscreen replacement – along with the upper, lower rubber weather gaskets – has been a solid success. I had the car out recently and got caught in a light sprinkle for a few minutes and nary a drop of water made it into the cockpit. It was not an extreme test of the limits, but I am going to claim success just the same. The carb rebuild project has been a different story. 

Vice President’s Article by Rolf Blom

Notes from the VP’s Clean-Hands Garage. In last month’s newsletter you may remember me bemoaning the fact that one of the expectations from the club’s President and Vice President is a contribution to each month’s newsletter to assist in the edification or amusement of our membership and whomever else finds themselves reading it. My title for this month’s contribution occurred to me as a result of signing a new lease on a storage space over on 51’ St Street. The is the same physical location that some club stalwarts helped me move my blue TR-3 into in March of 2016; along with a considerable quantity of parts and other materials that some might refer to as junk, or “rubbish” if you want a more British term. The car had to be pushed at the time of the move, as I had barely time to get it in rolling condition before the end of a 30 day notice to vacate. I got it running after that experience, and promised myself that I would never do any work in the new location that can’t be done in before returning it to the storage unit. All of the “parts” have been moved to my attic so I am not vulnerable to another storage change crisis.

TTAC Throwback: 1980 Triumph TR8


The TR8 is a legitimate member of the illustrious lineage of British sports and grand touring cars powered by American (or American-derived) engines, but it’s orders of magnitude less expensive than most of them. The controversy around Harris Mann’s styling has mellowed with time like a fine port. So much so that I’ve heard the uneducated at car shows ask if a TR7 was a Ferrari. Thus, it’s worth braving the risks of BL build quality to have a beautiful example of the last, and arguably one of the best, Triumph sports cars. However, the seller isn’t giving away this car; it might be worth reaching out to see if there’s room to negotiate a better price – being rare doesn’t always equate to being valuable.



From the President,

From President Al Garbart
Hello to all. It is June and
the weather is hot. Just checked
my front porch and the
temperature is 102.30 not a great
day to be driving with the top
down. That said, I got the TR7 back from
Bryant Auto Air March 31st. Then I had more
fire extinguisher dirt to clean up from last
year’s problems. I got the dash installed
around Doctor visits, Physical Therapy and
VBS. The A/C blows cold and does its best
(for a Triumph).
I just need to clean the car outside and
inside and I should be as good as new.
I drove the Mustang GT to McPherson,
KS last month for the car show. Art and Karen
Graves and Mike and Judy Pigott were there
also. The weather was great for the show
however, I was told it got chilly for the Friday
night cruise in.

From the President,

Notes from the President Hello to all. As you can see by the pictures, things have been busy at the Garbart garage. The story goes like this. On Thursday, April 28th I took the wedge in to Bryant AC to have the system checked out and probably get a new compressor (Sanden) if available. Charlie called me on Friday and ask me to come out to discuss. (Never a good call) He told me the expansion valve was clogged and that the dashboard would need to be removed to replace. He would be happy to do this for me. Anyway, since I have done the operation on several occasions, I retrieved my car and brought it back to the garage.


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